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Onan Generator Troubleshooting

Here is a portion of the FAQ.




The following FAQ’s apply primarily to Onan generators installed on many RV’s, but due to their general nature, may apply equally well to other makes. The information below is intended to help you get the best satisfaction from your RV genset and to enable you to find and correct some of the more common problems. Certain models are not covered
because of their complexity and the need for specialized servicing tools. These include: Quiet Diesel Models HDKAJ, HDKAK and HDKAT; Microlite Model KY Spec. J and later; Camp Power Model KYD; Mobile Genset Models HGJAB and HGJAC. Refer complex servicing to a qualified generator service facility.

Q. When the start switch is pressed in the coach or at the generator, nothing happens. What could be the problem?
A. The coach battery could be completely discharged or there could be a problem with a battery cable, the control board
or the wiring. If the coach interior lights will not work, the problem is likely the coach battery. Check the battery and
control fuse first. If the lights work, use the Troubleshooting Guide to isolate the problem.

Q. When the generator start switch is pressed, the starter makes a clicking sound but the engine does not crank. What is
the problem?
A. Most likely, the coach battery is almost completely discharged and needs to be charged or replaced. There could also
be a poor connection or a defective battery cable or starter solenoid. If these causes can be eliminated, then the starter
itself may need service.

Q. Why does my generator crank over normally but not start?
A. The problem is either fuel or ignition related. If the engine tries to run when a small amount of starting fluid is
sprayed into the air intake, it is a fuel problem. The ignition can be checked by removing and grounding a spark plug.
Refer to the “Getting the Engine Running” section of the Troubleshooting Guide to isolate the problem.

Q. Why does my generator start and then shut down as soon as the start switch is released?
A. Most models require both oil pressure and AC voltage from the generator to keep running. A lack of AC voltage can
be caused by a variety of problems involving the control board, regulator, generator and wiring. A stuck oil pressure
switch can also cause this symptom. The interaction between the various components of the system can be confusing
during troubleshooting. Use the Troubleshooting Guide to isolate the problem.

Q. The start switch works at the generator but not from inside of the coach. What is the problem?
A. The remote start/stop control is not connected to the control board. Make sure the remote connector is plugged in to
the control at the generator. Check remote switch and wiring.

Q. The start switch works from inside of the coach but not at the generator. What is the problem?
A. The start switch on the control board or control panel is defective. Replace the switch or control board, as applicable.

Q. Why does my generator run rough and/or smoke, even after it is warmed up?
A. This can be caused by the electric automatic choke not opening (choke stuck or choke heater not working), an improperly
adjusted carburetor (too rich), or a sticking carburetor float that allows excess fuel to enter the carburetor bowl.
Rough running can also be caused by fouled spark plugs.



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